I don't know. Three little words that are liberating.
As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect.
The year had its up and downs,
its challenges and highlights.
Friends and family members have transitioned,
leaving a space filled with memories.
Normal became a thing of the past,
change took its place.
Some of the changes had me face
deep-rooted fears I never knew I had.
Once met, I stood firm,
knowing I was a sovereign being,
solid in my inner truth and nature’s law.
The world swirled in turmoil,
again harming so many innocent people.
It’s time to find a new way to solve disputes.
At times the outlook appeared bleak,
but even that could not block the light.
For under all the changes and transform,
new and long-time friends came together
with open hearts, hugs and smiles.
Many strong heart-centred community connections were made.
People shared and exchanged with openness.
The power of love, kindness, compassion and understanding
continued to flow regardless of circumstance.
Often I had to remind myself I was meant for these times,
knowing that I had the strength and resilience to stay grounded
as Earth and her inhabitants’ transitioned into a new way of being.
As I step into the unknown of a new year, I focus my inner light on peace, love and compassion for all.

May each of you stand in your truth,
shine the light of love,
and connect with your inner guidance system
as you welcome 2023 with curiosity and trust
in the amazing process that is unfolding.

With love and gratitude,
Carolynne Melnyk