As I sit here and reflect on 2020, so many things come up. I think we can all say that this year was one heck of a roller coaster ride. And, yet through the upheaval, many gifts and gems appeared.

I will be the first to admit that everything was not easy.  For many, it was a dark turbulent time.  For others, it was a time to take a serious look at their life and see where change was needed. It opened doors for some and closed doors for others.

But underneath it all, what was evident is the resilience of the human spirit. Slowly, we came to adjust and adapt to an ever-changing world, whether we liked it or not.

Human resilience in the face of change and even tragedy is part of our humanness.  We may look at situations others are in and think there is no way we could deal with what they are dealing with, and yet deep within each of us is a spark of survival that summons a source of resilience that we never knew we had. This is what many felt in the past months.  From somewhere deep inside, they had the courage to carry on.

Often our thinking in a time of safety, calm and peace clouds the wisdom and knowingness that resides within each of us. This source of resilience, knowing and clarity is always available to us. We only need to understand how to tap into it on a regular basis.  When we can get beyond the cloud cover of thinking those gems of our innate-self shine, waiting to be used.

I have been in some very challenging situations in my life, including losing my job, home and all my possessions. For that experience, I discovered a place within me that could be calm despite the circumstances. In that stillness, I was able to make decisions with a clear mind and see doors that may have otherwise remained closed.

You to have this ability to get beyond the drama of your thinking and tap into a source of inner wisdom and peace. 

It is this ability that I share in a course called Guided by Insight.  In this course, you will experience parting the clouds of your thinking to access your innate peace, calm and joy. A new course with a small group will begin on February 24, 2021.  Email me if you are interested and we can set up a short consultation.

With love, joy and gratitude,