My Backpack

was My Home:

One Woman’s Wild Adventure Guided by Insight


In her mid-teens, a personal experience profoundly changed Carolynne and became the guiding force of her life.  An inner path opened, and she was guided from a small Canadian town to a life of adventure around the world. With a backpack as her home, she followed her guide for over 25 years. Carolynne’s knife-edge adventures, personal losses, life-altering connections and deep soul searching lead her to finally living life in joy.




“Have you ever wanted to travel but just never really had an opportunity? Read this book and travel with Carolynne as she follows her heart and intuition. Such an interesting read, not only for the places she visited but for all the hows and whys she got to where she was going. It is amazing to read about all the adventures this lady packed into one lifetime. And she is not over yet….” J. Pawlyk

 Excerpt from the book:

“With complete trust, we scampered after the young lad. We walked down the street, which led to a narrower street, which led to a lane, which led to a path. The path, much like a goat trail, wandered up the side of a hill. I looked at Karen and she looked at me, each of us knowing what the other was thinking: “I don’t think we should be here.” But, we were lost, we were afraid, and we had no option but to follow the boy.

As we climbed the hill, women with their children stared at us as they came out of caves dug into the hills. The young boy greeted the ladies; we smiled and nodded our heads in a greeting. More ladies came out of these caves. They smiled, then laughed and waved at us.

The fear began to subside. I can recall thinking about the money belt I had strapped to my waist containing my passport, money, and credit cards. I also wondered where the heck we were going. In the end, I let myself trust that everything would be OK. I returned the smiles and waves and kept walking.”

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