Deep Dives

November 5, 2020  Deep Dive ~ The Principles of Tao

The Tao Te Ching helps us to see that actions have far-reaching consequences. It shows us the importance of balance in the intimate relationship between ourselves and our world.  It helps us to see beyond shifting tides of circumstances and to recognize the ebb and  flow of all nature.

September 3, 2020, Deep Dive ~ Late Summer and the Earth Element. 

Late Summer is the season in the Earth Element of the 5 Element Theory. Earth Element is the center of the 5 elements and the most important element. In this deep-dive, we explore the various aspects of late summer such as main channels, emotions, colour, food, symptoms of excess and deficiency and feng shui.

October 1, 2020, Deep Dive ~ Fall and the Metal Element. 

The ability to find what is unique, valuable and worthwhile in oneself and in daily life captures the essence of the Fall energy.