with Carolynne Melnyk

Qigong in-Person Class

Where: BALANCE WELLNESS, #119 (upstairs), 201 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park, Alberta

When: Qigong Classes will begin on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, from 2 to 3 pm. Classes will run monthly from the first of each month. 

Cost: $45 a month. Please register using the link on the right with a credit card, or you may pay in cash on the first day of the session each month. PLEASE NOTE: This is for 4 consecutive sessions.  There are no make-up days for missed classes.  

Drop-in price is $15.00. Pay at the door. 

Please check on availability, as there is space for only 12 participants. 

Would you like an exercise class where:

  • you can reduce stress and anxiety, slow down your busy mind, improve your health and have more energy in as little as 15 minutes a day.
  • you can practice standing, sitting or lying down.
  • each qigong movement can be adapted to your body’s specific needs.
  • you can’t make a mistake or mess it up.
  • you can learn each movement quickly and easily.
  • you don’t need flexibility or physical strength.
  • you don’t need any special clothes or equipment.
  • you don’t need prior experience.
  • you can practice anytime, anywhere, at home, in public, or at work.
  • you get one-on-one guidance for personal issues from your instructor.

Qigong does just that!

Qigong is an ancient Chinese energy healing practice designed to balance your energy, strengthen your health, reduce stress and anxiety, increase vitality, and promote longevity.  You do this by directing your focus inside your body. The slow, gentle movements help to unblock Qi (energy), opening the energy channels in your body so that your Qi flows easily throughout.  When the Qi is flowing smoothly, your body begins to regenerate.


Jean shares how Qigong helped her: “I feel more balanced or grounded since doing Qigong. The balancing aspect of doing the movements on both sides has reduced the pain in my hips. I also find the bubbling spring point in the feet helps with my plantar fasciitis. Since being involved in qigong, I have increased my energy and motivation. I can do 8,000 steps easily without dragging myself to do it. What surprises me about qigong is that I make better choices without trying.”

I look forward to sharing this ancient practice with you!