Everything you Think you Need is Already Within you!

You Have all the Answers!

All You Need to Do is Listen to your Own Inner Wisdom!

Guided by Insight Mentor

The innate nature of all human beings is well-being.

If well-being and peace of mind weren’t your natural state of being, why would you spend so much time, money and energy trying to return there?

If stress, anxiety and mental busyness were your natural state of being, wouldn’t they feel natural and comfortable instead of constricting and burdensome?

What if the only barrier between your innate well-being and peace of mind is the disconnect between your body, mind, emotion and spirit.

I have created a unique combination of insightful conversation, Qigong movements and Qi~ssage techniques that gently aid you to reconnect your body, mind, emotion and spirit so that you may feel better and handle life with more ease.

I will share an understanding that I have discovered that holds the key to deep, lasting inner peace, joy, and well-being. During our insightful conversations, I will hold a safe, secure space where you can get in touch with your inner truths. 

I will also share with you some simple ways to hep you retrun to your center and inner calm.

Once your inner insights appear, you will be your own guide. Each understanding builds upon the next, and each discovery brings more peace, calm and joy.

Are you ready to rediscover your long-lost joy and live more smoothly?

Fabulous! Let’s begin!

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I worked with Carolynne to deepen my Qigong practice with one on one coaching and mentorship. Carolynne went above and beyond to understand my unique circumstances and to tailor a program specific to my needs. She is a dynamic teacher, and an avid listener, and very quickly became a dear friend I felt comfortable sharing my life’s dilemmas with!! If you are looking for someone to partner with on your way to health I highly recommend you reach out to her – her high energy, knowledge and passion for helping others are inspiring!

Sandra L

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