Guided by Insight


Have you been looking for that elusive something? That something you feel or sense that is going to bring you joy, peace and contentment? 

Has your seeking and searching resulted in consistent happiness, peace or contentment? If not, I would like to invite you to join me in an insightful conversation where you have the opportunity to explore your inner truths as the conversation unfolds.


Guided by Insight

The innate nature of all human beings is well-being.

If well-being and peace of mind weren’t your natural state of being, why would you spend so much time, money and energy trying to return there?

If stress, anxiety and mental busyness were your natural state of being, wouldn’t they feel natural and comfortable instead of constricting and burdensome?

What if, the only barrier between your innate well-being and peace of mind is your jumbled up personal thinking.

What if there was a simple understanding of the nature of thought that could unlock this struggle?

I’m inviting you join me in an insightful conversation where you can uncover where you are caught up in your arbitrary and habitual thinking.

This is not self-help, a magic formula or a passive endeavour, this a Guided by Insight Conversation which allows YOU to discover YOUR own inner truth.

I will be with you, NOT as your guru or teacher. I will share with you an understanding that I have discovered which holds the key to deep, lasting inner peace, joy, and well-being. I will hold a safe, secure space where you can explore your inner truths as the conversation unfolds.

Once your inner insights appear, you will be your own guide. Each insight builds upon the next and each discovery brings more peace, calm and joy.

Are you ready to take the art of self-healing into your own hands?

Fabulous! Let’s begin!

Everything you Think you Need is Already Within you!

You Have all the Answers!

 All You Need to Do is Listen to your Own Inner Wisdom!

Six Week Exploration Course

Would you like to unclutter your mind, untangle your emotions and feel calmer, more peaceful and have more joy in your life?

What if untangling your thoughts and emotions would open access to your inner guidance system, making life simpler?

Would you like to know more?

Keep reading!

This course is about accepting your humanness and discovering your innate wisdom, peace, joy and love. Everything you need to live a joyous, vibrant life lies within you. Once you understand how to tap into the source within yourself, you begin to transform your life and everything around you. For when you change, that energy begins to expand out.

Guided by Insight is a form of coaching in which a meaningful conversation gives rise to personal insights that result in transformative changes within individuals.

This course is NOT

  • a self-help course
  • a passive learning course where I do all the work
  • about tools or techniques
  • changing or fixing anything

This course IS

  • an understanding of how mind, consciousness and thought work in unison
  • about discovering your inner wisdom
  • about tapping into your insights
  • about accepting the nature of your humanness in all of its facets
  • discovering a new way of being that makes you feel alive, curious and more peaceful!

This course is limited to 12 participants

Everything shared in the online zoom sessions, and the private Facebook group is completely confidential. During these in-depth conversations, many things may arise, and this group is a Safe, Sacred Space where each of us will hold space for each other with love, openness, nonjudgemental kindness and acceptance.

These six weeks of exploration, will consist of six weekly 90 minutes zoom calls, weekly reflection pieces, an email summary of the main points from each session, a PDF e-book “Finding Innate Joy: No More Chasing Butterflies,” and a private Facebook group for sharing insights, exploring ideas and asking questions. This course is very interactive, and to get the most out of it, you are encouraged to participate fully.

Over the six weeks, we will explore the following topics:

🔮 What is insight?
🔮 Who are you?
🔮 Untangling thoughts & emotions.
🔮 Effortless doing.
🔮 Engaging with life.
🔮 Living life on purpose.

Due to this course’s nature, the above topics may be switched around, expanded into something else or eliminated. We will be following the dictates of being guided by insight, which means that we are open to allowing our inner wisdom to guide the direction of our discussions.

This course is limited to ten participants. Before being accepted into this program, each participant will have a short consultation with Carolynne to ensure this course is a good fit for all.

I am very excited to be sharing this 6-Week Exploration Course with you.

The moment has arrived! Are you ready?



 Mentoring Programs

We are living in a world that is constantly changing. That which has been normal has gone leaving us wondering what lies ahead. Amidst these shift sands, you may be feeling worried, stressed, anxious, lonely, confused or perhaps you have a sense that there must be more!  You aren’t alone!

If life feels as though it’s falling apart, and all that you thought you knew and understood are crumbling down, it’s time to try something new. Start with a fresh new way of seeing the world and tapping into your own inner guidance system to move forward with clarity and inner peace. 

You now have an opportunity for an easier, simpler life. What would it feel like to be living a life that was easier and simpler?

I invite you to join me to begin constructing this new life from a new perspective and vision of the world.

Together we can reconstruct your life so that,

  • it’s easier and simpler,
  • you can meet life’s circumstances with calm and clarity,
  • your relationships are more harmonious,
  • and you are happier.

With you, I will share everything I know and that I am constantly learning to help you transform your life.

Mentoring programs:

One hour 6-week private mentoring with me is for those ready to make changes in their life. Perhaps you want to jump in and test the waters, or perhaps you have one particular issue you want to focus on.

A 3-month private mentoring that includes 60-90 minute weekly in-person calls.  This program is for someone who is pulled to go deeper into unravelling the obstacles in their life and tapping into their inner source of wisdom and guidance.

Whatever your need, please get in touch with me and together, we can see what level of support is needed and which program would be best for you.

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