Individual Movements

This is the fundamental exercise on Spring Forest Qigong. It balances and helps to heal all internal organs, opens the heart, and aligns the spine.

This movement helps to heal the lungs and skin and balances the energy inside and outside the body.  It aids in opening blockages in the  entire body, especially the lungs.  

This movement balances energy in the body by joining to energies of yin and yang. It builds energy in the lower dantien, where energy is stored and the source of  your vitality and longevity. 

This movement balances energy in the left and right side of your brain, advances spiritual energy, opens the lungs, breasts, liver, spine, shoulders, lower back and hips. 

This movement improves balance, can help with arthritis,  good for cold hands and feet, and it opens and clears all energy channels. 


Contraindicated for pregnant women. 

Seven Steps of New Life

This is how Master Lin gave this movement name. One day in my meditation, the image of Buddha came. I saw when Buddha’s mother gave birht to him, as soon as he came out to this world, he was able to stand up. And he took 7 steps. Each step when he lifted up his foot, a lotus flower came out from the footprint. He took 7 steps. there were 7 lotus flowers. A new world, and a new life came. So, I was so excited about that. I gave the name 7 Steps of New Life to the last movement of Spring Forest Qigong Level One. First level, when you move the Qi up to the lower dantian, middle dantian, shoulder, throat, nose, forehead, top of your head. Each level, there is a vortex, energy center. It has special functions. Taken from: 202006JuneSpringForestQigongNewsletter

This movement helps with challenges to the lungs,lymph system, heart, liver, kidneys and intestines. 

Most people today sit more and raise their arms less. As a result the body doesn’t generate enough heat to help the triple heater to function properly. This movement helps to bring the body into aligment and balance. 

This movement helps to direct the energy to the Hui Yin point at the botttom of the torso. This is where the female energy channelscome together. For women, it’s benefical for the uterus and  resproductive organs and for men, beneficial for prostate. 

This movement helps to move the energy from the top of your head, the Bai Hui point. At this point all the energy channels come together. 

It helps to open out heart. Adding expressions of gratitude, helps one to tap into the energy of  the universe. 

This movement helps to develop your spiritual energy as well as clear blockages in the lung, digestive system, liver and intestines. 


Visualize 10,000 hands coming out of your body and raising up.  As they raise up visualize yourself gathering in spiritual energy.  To increase the enrgy chant ‘ohm’.