Mentorship Program

Personalized Health and Wellness Programs

Energy medicine is quickly gaining recognition in the areas of health and wellness as well as in conventional medicine.


Energy medicine is holistic in nature as it deals with the body, mind and spirit.


Spring Forest Qigong energy healing works with the natural flow of energy within your body as well as the energy in and around you. The aim is to rebalance and maintain a smooth flow of energy in your body. When the energy is balanced you will feel better in all areas of your life.


In a personalized program, we will begin by establishing your concerns as well as your goals. I will scan your body for blockages, congestion or imbalances.

Then together we will create a program that suits your needs.


What does a mentorship program include?

A personalized program may include any or all of the following:

  • Energy healing session. In energy healing I assist you in restoring the proper energy flow throughout your body, mind, and spirit. I scan the body, detect and remove blockages, and then send in healing energy. This is a non-physical-touch-session. When your energy is balanced, you will experience optimal health, improved mood and outlook, and enhanced energy!
  • Using Energy Points. You will be guided in the use and massage and pressure to activate major acupressure energy points to open and balance the flow of energy within your body. 
  • Active Movements and postures: You will receive one-on-one instructions on various SFQ healing movements for your personal program and goals.
  • Lifestyle changes: These will be based on the 5 elements theory, which is the basis of Spring Forest Qigong. 
  • Guided Meditations: The meditations are designed to use your breath and visualization to direct the energy flow for to open and clear blockages thus restoring the flow of Qi in your body. 

What benefits might I gain from a mentorship program?