About Carolynne



My greatest joy is spending time in the mountains or walking in the forest.  I love being outside in all weather.  I also enjoy qigong, brunch with friends, cats, long drives,  soaking in hot springs and reading. Most of all, I like to share smiles and spread joy wherever I go.



I have lived on 5 continents and have set foot in over 80 countries. I have had some incredible life experiences as a global gypsy. For 4 years, I led spiritual tours in Peru, where I  gained knowledge in shamanism.  I love travelling, meeting people from different cultures and expanding the boundaries of my comfort zone. I believe I was born a free-spirited gyspsy.


From the age of 16, I have been guided by my inner voice. It hasn’t always been consistent, but I always knew when I  drifted away from my inner source, for I was depressed, sad and lost. During these challenging years, I strove to return to that place of flow and ease. 15 years ago, I reconnected with my inner wisdom and joy, thus began to live on purpose with guidance once again.

Carolynne’s Professional Bio

Carolynne is a gifted teacher, spiritual coach and intuitive, who has always known there was more to life than which could be seen, understand or touch.  She is a professional educator with a B.Ed & MA with over 25 experience, a Spring Forest Qigong Trainer, Qigong healer and a trained shaman.

Over the years, she has guided many individuals to transform their lives using Qigong and a deeper understanding of the nature of thought.  This guidance has helped others deal with stress, anxiety, a major illness, grief and being overwhelmed by life. 

This from a Client!

“In the nine years I have known Carolynne, she has been an inspiring and dedicated presence in my life, giving me encouragement and guidance during difficult times as well as celebrating with sincere happiness the joyful moments as well. Her life experiences and continued insight into spiritual and personal matters had helped guide me in moments of confusion and remind me of my own innate wisdom when I had forgotten or doubted it. Carolynne’s unwavering acceptance of the human experience has taught me to embrace life and change with humility and celebration. Thank-you, Carolynne, for all you have taught and shared with me.”  ~ Colleen

  What if the only barrier between your innate well-being

and peace of mind is your jumbled up personal thinking.

What if there was a simple understanding

that could unlock this struggle?

Would you be interested?

 Yes, I’m ready for a change!