I don't know. Three little words that are liberating.

Dragon energy is rising.

Can you feel it?

February 10th is Chinese New Year, and it ushers in the year of the Wood Dragon. A powerful year of change and transformation.

Dragons and dragon lines (earth grid lines) have been around for millions of years. The Dragon lines carry the energy of the earth. Some say that these earth energy lines have shifted and are transforming the earth’s energy. That could be why we feel a little off balance.

Dragons are seen as mythical creatures that have immense power. The dragon is a powerful symbol that represents wisdom, strength, and transformation.

The Wood Dragon connects the dynamic qualities of the Dragon with the unique characteristics of the Wood element. The characteristics of the dragon are wisdom, strength, transformation, cultural guardianship, and balance. With the combined qualities of the dragon and wood, we can also add adaptability, empathy, compassion, deep listening skills, creativity, and new ways of being both physically and internally.

In many ways, it is an exciting time for us earthlings as we let go of outdated ways of being in both our world and within ourselves.

These changes may bring up uncertainty, anxiety, and fears. Change is not welcome or easy for many. We all have fears, including myself. It is important to know and practice ways that you can calm your emotions and mind. This can be done by stopping, being still and breathing easily and gently through your nose with your focus in your body. When the mind starts spinning out of control, pause and gently tap the top of your head while gently breathing in through your nose and out through your nose. You could also join Carolynne’s Qigong Club for a weekly practice of Qigong and a weekly calming meditation. Check it out at www.livinglifeinjoy.com/carolynnes-qigong-club. Qigong is a great way to stay firmly in your body and quieten and soothe your mind and emotions.

February also brings the powerful energy of LOVE! February 14 is Valentine’s Day. The day we celebrate love. However, we don’t have to wait for this one day to feel the Divine energy of pure love. Each one, you came into this world filled with pure love, and each breath you take adds more pure love to your inner light. You are a love radiator and a beacon of Divine light. There is no need to send love or light, for it all radiates out naturally with each smile, kind word, empathy, compassion, deep listening, helping hand, and nonjudgemental acceptance.

As we navigate this interesting month, remember that you can reach out to me via email at any time. Together, we can ride the energy of the dragon while knowing we are love and light.

With love, joy and gratitude,